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Who We Are

About Us: The Dirty Job 

We are a dynamic and flexible social media agency with an interfunctional team that aims to excel and constantly improve our services and the experience of our clients.

Our e-commerce and services have been designed to enhance the perceived value of your social content.

We started working in the world of social media marketing and growing social profiles way back in 2005. Facebook had just been born, and Instagram was yet to be created.

Though not young, we possess invaluable experience.

The Dirty Job – An International Team

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to build a team of talented individuals from all around the world: Milanese Italians, Londoners, Dubai Arabs, and Americans from Los Angeles and New York.

Based in Milan, Always on the Move

After wandering around the world for years – Milan, London, New York, Miami, Dubai, Los Angeles – we decided to establish our company in Milan back in 2012.

Why Do We Do This Job?

Buying followers is not illegal in any state worldwide. We don’t feel guilty about it; in fact, we consider ourselves an active and integral part of the society we live in. Our services enable young creatives to launch careers that would otherwise be impossible and help businesses increase their revenue.

Social media is the primary mass communication medium that allows people to publicly share their thoughts, feelings, and life with others, instantly becoming more or less authentic “content.” Most social media users want to showcase the best version of themselves. Just like when taking wedding photos (which are carefully selected and edited), on social media, people filter their lives to share what they know will please their audience. If you think about it and observe the people you follow closely, do you believe that everything they show on a daily basis hasn’t been carefully chosen and filtered? If not, how dull would that be?

Few Want to See Authenticity, How Things Truly Are in Real Life

Social media platforms, and the way we use them, are not designed to display our authentic side.

All social media platforms are affected by the same issue: the very nature of social media means that we are all fake or appear to be so.

As perfectly described in this article, “while we can share the delicious stack of pancakes we had for breakfast, the highlights of last night’s party, our feet by the pool on vacation, and, of course, our ‘likes’ and complaints, all we’re sharing is a mere chronicle.” A chronicle selected and filtered by us, deciding what to share on our favorite social media platform. The selection of what we choose to share and “edit” projects an image of a much better life than what we truly live. Instagram followers, Facebook likes, TikTok views, YouTube comments are just useful additions to enhance the perceived value of the content we want to share.

Based on this principle, we have created our company motto: “Everyone and Everything on Social Media Is Fake” (link to homepage).

Our Ethical Standards

Our principles are clear, and so is our ethics.

The Dirty Job is a transparent agency, and we always work with honesty.

We do not sell our services to:

  • Minors
  • Parents who exploit their children on social media
  • Users who engage in pedophilic content
  • Individuals with evident health issues such as anorexia, obesity, depression, and others.

Our seriousness and professionalism are not for everyone; we do not tolerate rudeness.

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