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Thedirtyjob.com collects customer reviews in 2 different ways, through:

  1. Videos
  2. Sortlist: a unique platform that brings together companies of all sizes and providers of marketing, advertising design, and web development services.

The site also has positive feedbacks on Trustpilot and Yelp.

As Thedirtyjob.com is known for its confidential follower purchasing service, there are very few feedbacks, but they are of the highest quality and value. TDJ highly values the privacy of its customers.

We believe that communicating about having purchased engagement or increased followers could harm the brand reputation of the social user. That’s why we created the confidential follower purchasing service.” – The Thedirtyjob.com Team

Read the reviews on Sortlist

Thedirtyjob uses the Sortlist platform to collect business-oriented reviews on the services offered. On Sortlist, the thedirtyjob.com site is verified by the platform and is considered the Best Rate site. Using the platform, customers have the opportunity to describe the project in detail and evaluate various aspects of the site such as the team, creativity, value for money, and much more. To read the Sortlist reviews, click on the link below.

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