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Mother to Slave strategy

Mother to Slave strategy: Instagram organic growth

The “Mother Slave” method is a highly effective strategy for growing on Instagram. It is one of the most widely used strategies by major companies, celebrities, and influencers worldwide to sell out their products. It is often referred to by various names, such as the mother-child method. Both terms essentially describe the same strategy. Undoubtedly, the “Mother Slave” method is the best approach to grow an Instagram page with targeted, real, and active followers.

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Mother to Slave is the “secret” strategy used by successful brands and influencers to sell-out products.

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Mother to Slave Strategy: table of contents


What is the “Mother Slave” method?

How are Slave accounts used in the Mother to Slave strategy?

How do Slave accounts promote the Mother account?


What results can be achieved with the Mother Slave strategy?

The “Mother Slave” strategy represents an effective approach to social media marketing, based on the creation of a central account (the “Mother” account) that coordinates and manages a series of satellite accounts (the “Slave” accounts). Slave accounts are connected to the Mother account and are used to implement targeted social media marketing strategies, such as content sharing and audience engagement through likes, comments, and follows. The Mother account acts as a supervisor for the Slave accounts, providing businesses with a more efficient way to manage their social media presence. This method proves particularly beneficial for companies that need to handle a large number of social media accounts or those who wish to manage multiple accounts for different brands or products, offering greater flexibility and control in their marketing strategy.

And that’s the essence of the Mother Slave Method.


How are Slave accounts used in the Mother to Slave strategy?

Slave accounts can take on various forms, providing flexibility within the strategy.

They can resemble the Mother account, following the “Fan-Page method.” In this scenario, Slave accounts repost content from the Mother account, including images, videos, and stories.

Alternatively, Slave accounts can focus on a specific niche, posting Instagram content that appeals to potential followers of the Mother account. For example, if the Mother account is a chef with a seafood restaurant, Slave accounts can share food images from other Instagram accounts.

Slave accounts can also resemble regular Instagram users, offering different possibilities.


How do Slave accounts promote the Mother account?

There are several methods to promote the Mother account on Instagram.

Mentioning the Mother account’s tag in the bio is popular among users of this strategy. Direct messages inviting followers to follow the Mother account are also very effective. Additionally, tags in posts and captions drive traffic to the Mother account. Combining multiple methods produces the highest conversion rates.


What results can be achieved with the Mother Slave strategy?

As mentioned before, the results are remarkable! The results depend on various factors such as the number of Slave accounts used, the quality and optimization of these accounts, and the quality of the Mother account’s content.

Generally, each Slave account generates a minimum of 2-3 followers per day. For example, if you use 100 Slave accounts, you can expect a growth of over 300 followers per day. With 1,000 Slave accounts, you can achieve a daily growth of 3,000 real, targeted, and active followers.


Much depends on the budget you have available to implement this strategy.

Which agencies should you trust to implement the Mother Slave strategy?

The Mother Slave Method is not easy to set up or implement effectively. It requires extensive experience and knowledge of the Instagram algorithm. Its complexity arises from the dynamic variables involved. We recommend relying on professionals to implement it for you. At The Dirty Job, we can set up and execute an effective Mother Slave strategy.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this growth method safe?

Absolutely yes! This growth method is not only safe but also highly effective. As long as you implement it naturally, without resorting to robotic actions, your profile will be completely safe and healthy.

What are the main advantages of the Mother Slave growth method?

When considering this method from a long-term perspective, you will realize its immense potential.

Here are some advantages to consider:

  • Organic follower growth: this method allows you to grow your followers on both your main account (Mother account) and associated child accounts.
  • Increased engagement: engagement is crucial. Simply receiving “likes” is not enough; authentic interactions are needed. By using this method, you can generate organic engagement for both the “Mother” account and the posts shared through the “Slave” accounts.

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