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    Buy Instagram followers without getting caught!

    You can buy followers without getting caught! Thanks to our method you can buy followers without being discovered by friends, followers, customers and envious people. How? Read the article below.  Select, below, the type of followers you prefer and then choose the quantity. Instagram Followers come only from authoritative countries such as Italy or America, and are of the highest quality. Add engagement proportionate to the amount of followers and the size of your page.

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Buying Instagram followers without getting caught: at TheDirtyJob.com it is possible.

Have you ever wondered how to buy followers without anyone noticing? Probably yes since one of the most written phrases by social media managers on Google is the following: “if you buy Instagram followers you can be seen.”

We at TheDirtyJob.com always paying attention to the requests of our clients have invented a foolproof method to allow you to buy followers without getting caught.

The method is as simple as ʕ-͡ᴥ-ʔ

  1. Choose the amount of followers and put the order in the cart
  2. Select the right amount of engagement proportionate to the amount of followers and finish the order
  3. If you don’t know how to calculate the engagement percentage (the engagement rate) to order look at the table below or ask for chat support.

What kind of user are you?

Based on the size of your page order the “credible” engagement percentage so that from the outside it is difficult to understand whether your followers were obtained organically or with alternative strategies. Easy right?

  • Nano influencer: between 1,000 and 5,000 followers have an engagement rate more than 5 percent
  • Micro-influencer: between 5,000 and 20,000 followers have an engagement rate more than 7 percent
  • Power or mid-tier influencer: between 20,000 and 100,000 followers have an engagement rate more than 3 percent
  • Mega influencer: between 100,000 and 1 million followers have an engagement rate more than 2%
  • Celebrities: more than 1 million followers have an engagement rate more than 1.6%- 2%

On average, we recommend maintaining a very high engagement rate.

The extraordinary result

From the outside, users will notice the increase in followers but also in engagement. Thus, they will not be able to understand whether the followers and engagement are real or artificial. There are no external or internal tools that can show which data are real or artificial. By buying followers and engagement with the right proportions no one will find you out.

Most clients of our website TheDirtyJob.com are experienced social media managers, heads of digital of companies, influencers, bloggers who know how to independently calculate the correct proportions to buy followers and engagement to be credible.

For less experienced clients, our team offers a free real-time support service. We provide advice at the time of purchase by analyzing the client’s Instagram page. We provide support on immediate Whatsapp. The engagement rate changes depending on the social page data.

How to read insights when buying followers?

By buying followers likes, views, comments, saves, forwards the insights of users’ Instagram pages will be artifacted. Aware of the activity performed, it will be possible to read them clearly. It will be easy to understand which data are real and which are not.

Experienced social media managers know very well how to read insights. We at TheDirtyJob.com also offer immediate support to our clients here. We help them read insights so that they can deeply understand their page performance and growth.

Buying followers in complete privacy and security?

TheDirtyJob.com team has developed a method that ensures confidentiality in buying followers, making them indistinguishable from real followers. Unlike many other sites, thedirtyjob.com does not display its clients’ logos or require reviews, thus ensuring complete discretion. The site is committed to maintaining confidentiality.

Important to note that in 2023 no one buys ONLY followers. Followers are used as an integrative tool of very complex growth strategies.

Articles comparing the buying and selling of followers as a one-time substitute to a necessary strategy to grow on social media in our opinion confuse users.

TheDirtyJob.com is the first site in the world that allows you to buy Instagram followers without getting caught.

PS: remember, no app or site like Fakecheck.co can determine if followers have been bought. Read our customers’ reviews!

Buy Instagram followers: table of contents

Why buy Instagram followers?

The Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

Increase followers on Instagram more quickly

Can I buy real instagram followers?

Can I buy verified Instagram followers?

Are Instagram followers yours?

How long does it take for the followers to arrive?

Will I be banned from Instagram?

Do you have Italian Instagram followers?

Do you have American Instagram followers?


buy instagram followers


Why buy Instagram followers?

In the age of social media dominance, Instagram has emerged as one of the most influential platforms for personal and business branding. With its massive user base and the potential for immense reach, it’s no wonder that individuals and businesses are constantly seeking ways to gain more followers. 

The Pros of Buying Followers for Instagram

  1. Boosting Social Proof: A significant number of followers can help your account reach popularity and credibility. When others see a large follower count, they may be more inclined to follow an account themselves, assuming it must be valuable or worth following.
  2. Rapid Growth: Buy followers for Instagram can provide an instant boost to your follower count, saving you time and effort that would have been spent on organic growth strategies. This can be particularly appealing to new accounts or businesses looking to establish an initial presence.
  3. Increased Visibility: Higher follower counts can lead to improved visibility in the Instagram algorithm. As your account appears more popular, it may have a better chance of being featured in the Explore page or suggested to other users.
  4. Authority and brand reputation: Your company’s image or your personal brand on the web is important. By image we don’t mean just photos but also numbers. If your Instagram account isn’t followed much, people could wrongly convince themselves that your products or services are of little value.
  5. More efficient ad campaigns. When you create Instagram ads, your campaigns will be much more effective if you have a greater number of followers.

The most important thing, if you decide to purchase Ig followers is to avoid exaggerating! If you have ten thousand real followers, we suggest you buy 3 thousand followers (not more).

Increase followers on Instagram more quickly

As mentioned above, buying Instagram followers is a great way to achieve rapid growth. You probably know that it’s tough to start with a brand new account while it’s a totally different story if your account already has 20K followers. This is not something we just say to get you to buy our services, but it’s something that has been studied and analysed for many years, even before Instagram was born. As Robert Cialdini said “First, we seem to assume that if a lot of people are doing the same thing, they must know something we don’t.” This means that if many people are following someone, there must be something good about that person we don’t know. So we follow them too. If you are curious about how social proof works, you can read more here

Here are real examples of two of our clients: a restaurant in Milan and a fashion brand.

Let’s say you are looking for a restaurant in Milan on Instagram. You find one which looks nice and delicious. While you’re thinking of whether to book it or not, Instagram shows you similar accounts including its competitor. This one has many more followers and thousands of comments.

It is safe to assume that your choice will be driven by this data. 

The result? Most likely, you went to the hype restaurant which didn’t have the best menu or price tag and the restaurateur you saw in the first place hasn’t gained a new client and continues to lose an important slice of the market.

Instagram’s influence on people’s choices is huge!

If a restaurateur doesn’t have the budget to invest in Instagram ads to pursue organic growth it’s reasonable that he will think about buying followers for his account. To reach 10/20K followers, a common entrepreneur should invest a considerable amount of money in Instagram ads to the point that his business would probably become unsustainable. Buying followers would be quicker and cheaper for him.

Is this wrong? At The Dirty Job we believe that “Everything on social media is fake”. We play the social media game  and our clients play with us. Are you going to play too?

Our client decided to buy followers on our website and then we assisted him to create targeted Instagram ads to improve his brand awareness. The advertising campaign was much more efficient since he already had many more followers. The same thing happens in fashion.

Let’s say you find a white T-shirt with a rose design on the pocket, created by a brand that you follow. Instagram’s algorithm then shows you a similar account and when you visit it, you find another white T-shirt, with a cute design and a rose on the pocket. This second brand has many more followers, a better engagement and works with many famous influencers.

Your choice will surely be influenced by the number of followers, likes, comments, which influencers talk about this brand…

Which t-shirt do you think you would buy?

Competition in fashion is really high and entrepreneurs don’t have the money or the time to invest in organic growth. Buying Instagram followers is not the only solution. It is necessary to integrate Instagram ads and other strategies, but it can certainly prove useful to kick off a successful social media strategy.

Your real community is what matters the most

Remember, our services are very useful if used intelligently.
If you order Instagram followers, don’t stop taking care of your real community –  take care of it even more carefully of your followers and friends on social media so that Instagram doesn’t stop showing your posts to your community.

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Frequently asked questions on Real Instagram Followers

Can I buy real instagram followers?

We have real followers from our Telegram groups and high-quality followers which have photos, links in their bio, description and many posts but are not real people.

Can I buy verified Instagram followers?

Yes, you can but we only have a few. 

Are Instagram followers yours?

No, we are not a click farm, we resell followers bought by the best suppliers on the web.

How long does it take for the followers to arrive?

They arrive gradually, respecting the new Instagram algorithm and it depends on the service chosen.

Will I be banned from Instagram?

Without giving us your account passwords you can buy services for yourself or anyone else, even for your competitors. If buying followers would lead to the cancellation or blocking of the account, you would essentially have the power to get any Instagram account closed. So you can deduce that no, Instagram can’t ban you for buying Instagram followers.

Do you have Italian Instagram followers?

Yes, we have them, but they are rare. When you read “sold out”, it’s because they are finished. Italian Instagram followers are much more expensive than American ones. American Comments and American Likes are always available.

Do you have American Instagram followers?

Yes, we mainly have American followers. 

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Contact us on WhatsApp, and we’ll respond immediately. We’re always by your side. We obsessively follow every order. When you make a purchase from TheDirtyJob.com, a member of our team is committed to successfully completing your order.

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